48 Buckland Road Pen Mill Trading Estate

Yeovil Somerset BA21 5HA.

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48 Buckland Road Pen Mill Trading Estate

Yeovil Somerset BA21 5HA.

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What’s Your Style?

Ballroom | Latin | Freestyle | Street | Ballet

Ballroom & Latin

Ballroom and Latin dancing is our main focus though we put just as much effort and thought into other types of dance too, but we do the most competitions in this type.

In ballroom: Learn the elegant Waltz and the lively Quickstep moving on to do beautiful Foxtrot and passionate Tango once you have the basic steps. These dances are challenging and fun to learn and you will be well on your way to becoming a ‘Strictly Come Dancing’ star.

In latin: Cheeky Cha Cha, Carnival Samba, energetic Jive, and sensual Rumba. Learn these popular dances with a partner either for fun or work towards Medal Tests and competitions with the I.D.T.A. and U.K.A. or become a member of the Yeovil Dancentre Supadance teams.

We hope you join us in performing live on stage (Dance Fever), competing nationwide, performing for charity showcases and taking medallist tests.

Freestyle & Street

This bubbly music is what you could be dancing to when you come to our Dancentre. This is one of the three types of dances (not always this song) – Rock ‘n’ Roll. However, freestyle is faster and more athletic whereas, slow dance is slower and more balletic.

Learn set routines to some of the latest club, show & street music. These classes include solo and double routines.

Also included in these classes are highly energetic

Rock ‘n’ Roll routines (with a partner) with jumps, kicks, lifts and flicks.

When you have mastered these routines you can progress to your own competition style routines and enter competitions in Solos and Pairs Freestyle,

Rock ‘n’ Roll and Slow.

Street solos and duos street classes for all ages, girls or boys, however these are included in the freestyle, slow and rock ‘n’ roll classes where we work on all four of these styles in one fun and hardworking class for everyone.

Ballet Dance

The first half term is offered as an optional ‘pay as you go’ so you can see how you get on without any obligation.  I.D.T.A. graded ballet exams are offered every year .

Grade classes run for a full hour and are held at the Yeovil Dancentre. Pupils are trained by Joanne Rowland.

Y.D.C. hope to see you joining our ballet classes soon!

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