48 Buckland Road Pen Mill Trading Estate

Yeovil Somerset BA21 5HA.

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48 Buckland Road Pen Mill Trading Estate

Yeovil Somerset BA21 5HA.

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Dancing Is Fun, Get Fit & Learn.

Perfect for all ages, young and old, it’s never too late to learn how to dance.

About Us

Allen School of Dance, based here in Yeovil Somerset, where our aim is to teach you to dance to your best ability. Whichever you would like to experience, from our social dance lessons, private lessons or competition dance training classes they are all designed for any age. You are never too young or too old to learn to dance, and our fun classes help you to develop at your individual pace, even if you have two left feet! We hope you enjoy our website, and do not forget that the dream of being able to dance is only a phone call or email away, so go on and take those first steps to a fun way to learn how to dance here at Allen School of Dance.

The Allen School of Dance is one of the longest established Dance Schools in the UK and probably the oldest Dance school to have remained within the same family.  It was established in 1939 by the late Reg Allen and is now run by his son Nigel and his wife Mel.

Our Classes


Ballroom and Latin dancing is our main focus though we put just as much effort and thought into other types of dance too.


freestyle is faster and more athletic whereas, slow dance is slower and more balletic.


The first half term is offered as an optional ‘pay as you go’ so you can see how you get on without any obligation.

Our classes are perfect for young and old a like!

If you would like to take up dance as an alternative form of exercise to the gym or swimming or as a hobby to do together or looking for that special first dance at your wedding or evening function, then we can help you achieve your goals.

For children we offer various dance styles from ballet, hip hop, street, freestyle, disco and formation teams. These dances help develop social skills, co-ordination and fitness, in a safe family environment where parents are welcome to watch their children or socialize with other parents whilst they dance.

Expert Intsructors

Meet Our Team – You’re  In Great Hands.



Nigel Allen is a full member of two of the largest professional dance organisations in the world – the IDTA (which is the world’s largest Dance association) and the UKA. He is qualified in Ballroom, Latin & Freestyle and has been teaching dancing for 40 years. Nowadays he teaches mainly Ballroom & Latin and trains many of the Centre’s Ballroom & Latin competitors of all ages as well as teaching the Social dancers. Nigel is a Director of the National Supadance League and a full organiser of the Supadance National final at Blackpool in December which is the largest Ballroom & Latin couples event for British dancers.



Mel Allen is a member of two of the largest professional dance organisations in the world – the IDTA (which is the world’s largest Dance association) and the UKA. She is qualified in Ballroom, Latin &
Freestyle (including Street) and has trained numerous winning teams for both IDTA and UKA National Blackpool finals. She also trains many Ballroom & Latin competitors and enjoys teaching advance
Choreography to her pupils. Mel she has been teaching dance for over 30 years now and the experience and knowledge she has gained she is happy to pass on to her students.


What People Are Saying

I blame Patrick Swayze, Mel and Nigel!!!

Let me explain, ever since our son Freddy was totally captivated by ‘Johnny Castle’ (Patrick Swayze) in Dirty Dancing we had been searching for somewhere for him to express himself in dance. After trying various different styles and locations we came across Yeovil Dance Centre online and after a quick chat with Nigel we attended a Saturday morning beginner lesson in Ballroom and Latin. That was almost a year ago, he now has a partner and they will be competing this year. Can’t get enough of dance, so much so he ‘Waltzes’ from room to room at home permanently.

So what I actually blame them for is his happiness and enjoyment of all things Ballroom and Latin.

‘Keep on dancing’

Bruce Harvey-Lamar


I have had the joys of Dancing at Yeovil Dancentre for over twenty years! I was in my early twenties when I started,some would say that’s too late, but not Mel and Nigel Allen.
They started me off with beginners ballroom and Latin, found my first dance partner and I was away!
And under their tutorage it has to be one of the best things I have done in my life! I have made so many life long friends and am so proud to be part of the Dance centre family! The time Mel and Nigel have put into their teaching and school is truly amazing growing some talented dancers (national winners, no less). Ensuring their students reach their potential across the Dancing board is also a sight to behold! Young and old falling in love with Dancing and competing over the years! The dedication and professionalism is second to none and I for one am so glad that I walked through those doors over twenty years ago! They are not only my teachers but my family and best friends. If you ever get the chance to dance, do it! Come and dance with Mel and Nigel! You won’t regret it! Xx

Chris Holman


After watching strictly ballroom I became hooked. My mum came home and said to me you start Saturday morning I must of been 10 at the time. I never ever looked back. Nigel and Mel were like a Second home, the amount of friends and socialising I did was amazing as well as learning  ballroom and Latin.
I gave up at 20 after taking on a career but decided that in my thirties was time To start back up again and so glad I did Its like coming home to my family again. I have even got my daughter doing it and my niece is also strutting her stuff . So if you want a place where you can learn amazing  dances and gain a dancing family this is the place to be hanging out. Xx

Lynsey Alexander


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